There will be enough time to make some sightseeing around the area, yet these dates are the most important in our schedule:

  • February 12: Arrival in Delhi Airport
  • February 13: Rest in Delhi
  • February 14: Arrival to Solan
  • February 15: New Year’s Eve preparations at Menri Monastery
  • February 16-17: Losar celebration
  • February 18: Visit to Redna Menling Nunnery
  • February 19: Sang & Lungta rituals
  • February 20: Named Sherab Gyaltsen Birthday celebration at Menri Monastery
  • February 21-28: Attendance to the Geshe Ceremony events, scheduled Dzogchen teachings, and planning some touristic holiday.
  • March 1-2: Buddha Tonpa Shenrab B-day! & Geshe Certification
  • March 3: Trip back to Delhi
  • March 4: Say goodbye, and fly back home!


*Day 1- February 12:* – Arrival in New Delhi.  You will be met at the airport and assisted in getting transportation to the hotel during the time range when most participants are arriving.

*Day 2– February 13:* Rest in Delhi

*Day 3– February 14: Enjoy the picturesque 6-hour train or bus ride from New Delhi to Solan Himachal. Solan is located at the foot of the magnificent Himalayan Mountains of Northern India.  At an elevation of 1600 meters, it is very close to the Tibetan Village of Dolanji and Menri Monastery.  We will either stay at the Monastery’s guesthouse or at local hotels.

*Day 4– February 15:— After a leisurely breakfast, participants will have audience with the principal teacher of Menri Monastery, H.E. Menri Lopon Rinpoche. This is a very auspicious beginning trip

Here, we will have the opportunity to participate in Gutor rituals and at the evening to see Cham or mask dance.

*Day 5-6- February 16-17*-Losar celebration

*Day 7– February 18 We will walk across the river to spend time visiting the new bön nunnery that is currently under construction. Redna Menling or “Land of Precious Medicine,” is located in a pristine setting across the river from Menri Monastery. It is the only bön nunnery in India and one of only a handful in the world. This nunnery houses and instructs bönpo women from Tibet and its’ borderlands.

Recently Redna Menling has opened its own dialectic school.  It offers the same curriculum as the traditional monastic geshe program, and allows participants to pursue the equivalent of a western PHD in bön spiritual practice and theory. We will be able to talk with some of the nuns there and if scheduling permits, we will join them in practice. Here we can also visit the beautiful temple in which they practice.

Participants also have the option of visiting the Central School for Tibetans, which is a Tibetan School that teaches up to the tenth grade.

*Day 8– February 19* sang and lungta ritual

*Day 9 February 20: Named Sherab Gyaltsen Birthday celebration at Menri Monastery

*Day 10-17 February 21-28: Attendance to the Geshe Ceremony events, Cham or mask dance on sunday and Dzogchen teaching:  We will receive Dzogchen teachings from Menri Lopon Trinley Nyima Rinpoche. More details to follow!

*Day 18-19 March 1-2: Tonpa Shenrab Birthday! & Geshe Certification

*Day 20– March 3* After breakfast and saying our goodbyes, we will drive back to Delhi from the Himalayan mountains. A lunch stop will be made en route.

*Day 21– March 4* Say goodbye, and fly back home!

If you want to continue your stay in India, you are now free to leave the group and happily wander.